And the Worm turns……….


We are out of time – the time is Now

Whether it be paid communists in the streets attacking the weak and gullible or the coming global government – the time is now.

The following quote was taken from 10/23/20:

“Well, if people are not wearing masks, then maybe we should be mandating it,” Fauci told CNN’s Erin Burnett Friday.


When all hope is Lost

“When the Condor of the South comes together with the Eagle of the North, the spirit of the Earth will awake, then She will awaken the millions of her children, this will be the Resurrection of the Dead.” – Ancient Inca/Quechua [Viking] prophecy (The Vinlanders)

“The Völa Maga has also prophesied, or perhaps it was Allouine: “One day the Führer of the White Race will guide his Furious Horde, his Wildes Heer, out of Asgard, beyond cold and torment, to return to the Garden of the Golden Apples of Induna. And he will resurrect Baldur. The Führer of the Aryans will come mounted on a White Horse with eight legs, by the name of Sleipsnir.” He will also be called Kalki and he will also be Wotan. He will now come to conquer, rescuing the last of his warriors, the imprisoned heroes of the Darkest Age. With the Eight Legs of his Horse he will crush the head of the Fenrir Wolf. And he will defeat the Ice of the Enemy. He will put an end to the Age of the Wolf, for He himself must live like a wolf-cub.” – excerpt from The Last Avatar


Decent interview.


Excerpt from The Last Avatar

“The Redskins kept the true symbolism of the Eagle of Hyperborean mythology that is no longer possible to find elsewhere and has been studied by F. Schuon in his book The Sacred Pipe. They have developed this symbolism metaphysically with the concept of the Thunderbird, Wakan-Tanka (Wakan is Wotan), supernatural being who is hidden behind the clouds of thunderstorms and whose eyes flash bolts, producing thunder with the beating of his wings. This Bird fights against the Dragon of Evil. He is Olympian Zeus, Jupiter the Thunderous, Ollin-Tonatiuh of the Aztecs, Nordic-Hyperborean Trilogy of Odin-Thor-Tyr. Polar Gods. He who identifies with the Eagle must go beyond, towards the Thunderbird who is something like the spiritual counterpart of the physical eagle, like what Mount Meru is to Kailas in the Trans-Himalyas. And in this way the Indian warrior acquires the energy of Father Sun, the Spiritual Black Sun, beyond the physical sun. The eagles speak to the warrior and say to him: “We fight against the powers of darkness.  Join us.” Thus the hero abandons his previous life and is delivered to Thunderbird Road, Wakan-Tanka, dedicating his life to combat the monsters and help the eagles in their battles. And the Sioux warrior says: “Place on my head two feathers of Wakan-Tanka in reverence of Him who is beyond all things and that things reveal to us.” Stone, for example, rock as immovable sign of the immutable. The Redskin warrior exclaims: “Oh, ancient stones, Tunkayatapaka, now thou art here with us! Wakan-Tanka has created other worlds and hath placed you near to Him. Generations walk upon you…” Rock is a runic crystallization that can be regenerated. Fear them! Besides menhir, dolmen and cromlech, they can be transmuted into the U.F.O. The Lance (as in Gralic legend) crystallization of the runic Thunderbolt Sieg Rune and the Pipe, are both Polar-Nordic symbols later inherited by the Redskins. As we have said, they metaphysically develop the Aryan symbol of the ravens Hugin and Mugin, Frederick Barbarossa, Wotan and the Parsees with the Towers of Silence. We best discover the meaning of eagle’s wings in the Viking helmets that the Redskins have preserved in their headdress of feathers with which they cover themselves and in the two feathers in their hair. They also carry horns like Nordic helmets. Moreover they adore the sacred mountains and the magnetic points of the earth through a geomancy similar to the Aryan Vastu Shastra. Everything is alive and has a soul for them.

This noble man and warrior, faithful guardian of the symbols of the Hyperborean White Gods of yesteryear, and guided by them in Atlantis and then in Vinland, Huitramannaland, has been annihilated by the Great Conspiracy, robbed by that Conspiracy of their sacred land, destroying their spiritual cosmos as C.G. Jung also discovered, massacring them physically and morally with the Jewish Bible in one hand and the gun in the other.

The Eagle on the front cover of this book is Aztec, a symbol of the Black Sun, Polar, also engraved on the furniture of the Chancellery of the Third Reich. Hitler had designed it there, knowing the symbol will be the Fourth Reich, which will come on an Other Earth regenerated by Wakan-Tanka, the Thunderbird, after the victory over the powers of evil and darkness, when the power Wakan-Wotan has imposed order and justice in a spiritual extra-cosmic sense. And the last Avatar of the Führer returns mounted on the Eagle of an Other Light, the Bird of Thunder.”


We are Sweden

The elephant in the room that no one seems to be addressing is that in most of North America life goes on the same. By far the majority of people in the rural areas of America are NOT wearing masks nor locked down at home. Quite to the contrary, they are living their lives the same as they always had without any health crisis because of it. While the electronic screens show us ghost towns that were only yesterday major cities etc. etc., the truth is that half of this country has gone on for the most part as usual. And just as Sweden, there has been no epidemic other than the one they present on the “news”. The proof is in the pudding.

Without realizing it we have already proven it. We are Sweden.


Finally the child molesters are having their feet put to the fire. Going to be hard for them to erase this one. Dominoes fall. The following interview needs to go viral.



Everyone’s favorite president, Donald Trump, has promised to make the Klan a “terrorist organization”, which means that if you are a white man unfortunate enough to be labeled a “klansman” – you will have no rights whatsoever. You will simply be hauled off never to be seen again…..

In response to such a miserable threat, we have opted to move “The True and Concise History of the Ku Klux Klan” up to top billing. – Get it while you can.

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Here the gods’ Twilight

Gathers, earth-gulfing;

Blackness of battle,

Fierce till the Old World

Flare up in fire.

Doubt not, my Northmen;

Fate loves the fearless;

Fools, when their roof-tree

Falls, think it doomsday;

Firm stands the sky.

Over the ruin

See I the promise;

Crisp waves the cornfield,

Peace-walled, the homestead

Waits open-doored.

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