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September 10
On this day in 1917 was born Don Miguel Serrano Fernandez.  The prominent Author, Mystic, Diplomat, Soldier and Troubadour who boldly followed the path of Minne. Before he died, he even received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Mayor of Santiago, but few people realize that his greatest accomplishments were done in secret. As a Chilean Diplomat stationed around the world, he was quite helpful to the “Odessa”. There is no telling how many lives Don Serrano helped saving, from things even worse than death.

Sailing to the Antarctica, he sought out his mission in 48. Made contact in person with the Europeans in 51. He also made contact with the “Hermetic Circle” that same year. The more benevolent flare of Freemasonry, we would presume, who undoubtedly aided Odessa at times in their own way. Although they were not be trusted, they made themselves available to be used, in order to use him. That is the way of the occult world which is teeming with ulterior motives. Don Serrano would use them for what they were worth, along with the rest of his impressive and extensive contacts. He used them with a sincere appreciation and would have given a few the benefit of the doubt, if he were not sworn to secrecy, but he was. That is how perfect he was for his position. His admiration for people such as Hermann Hesse and Carl Jung was genuine and they felt it, which is so important and yet, also safe because he was not permitted to reveal any sensitive information. It made him the prefect and honest spy. He returned home and became the Chilean “Ambassador” in 53. We are confident that Miguel Serrano saved, helped, and aided thousands of lives, if not hundreds of thousands. And all of it was done in secret. Folks can and should learn something from that, for it is the way of success. In other words, be more than you appear.

We will raise a horn to you Miguel, Last Troubadour and Ambassador of Odessa!

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