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Due to the fact that the establishment is making it ever difficult to find our work – we are making ourselves more available with the hope that we may accomplish climbing over the ever rising wall of silence put between us. They can kill the physical body (resistance), but they cannot kill the Spirit of Arman, nor his Judgment of Doom. As long as one Heroic Soul still breathes the breath of Wotan – there exists the Destiny of the right man at the right place and at the right time. In other words, Parsival and Sigurd were mighty Heroes, but there had been better men in their very own Bloodlines. That is why they stumbled at times, revealing their imperfect nature that sometimes looked far less than glorious. The thankless, perilous road was laid out before them. In the end they accomplished their mission with the irreplaceable help of the very Gods and Men who made the Road. It is all timing – the fullness of time.

The reason we have posted this seemingly out of place rant is because YOU are Parsival. You are Sigurd. The Kristos who had no real material power in this superimposed world, but was in the right place at the right time to accomplish that which even the Gods could not. Only the chosen one of the Old Man, who usually does not get involved, is given the power to redeem the world. The Old Man is really only looking for one quality in a “Hero”; Trustworthiness….. Courage, Fortitude etc., He certainly also expects these qualities, but being Trustworthy and having a blind Loyalty to Love and/of the Mission is the one great requirement. The perilous mission costs the chosen one everything. He cannot have a selfish bone in his body in order to accomplish the impossible. It is a hard road with little thanks in this world.

There are still Souls here to be rescued. He leaves no one behind, but we are quickly approaching a point where he will manifest His Justice through Nations, but it will actually be accomplished by a Lone Man, on a Lone Horse and probably at some Lonely Place. He will have Our Lady, Minne, in his heart and Wotan’s Eagle Helmet upon his brow. As said, We have shared this out of character filibuster because YOU are that Hero and our work will may be some of the stepping stones along your Path.

Stay Strong and True. Constant prayer – the alone time, will help tremendously with the bitter hard struggles, which seem to only get harder and with greater recurrence as we begin to wear down. “Preserve your Ich!” It takes an Idealist focused upon his vision to be triumphant in the end. And every choice you make – no matter how seemingly trivial – strengthens or weakens you. After thousands of such choices the die is cast. Know that all those trivial choices will have made your Fate in the end. It is not that the Old Man punishes us for our venial failings – its that we have condemned ourselves, eventually we can no longer overcome those bad choices we thought did not matter. They dictate our actions. So, do not get destroyed by that which you contemplated, and stay the course of the Idealistic Fool, the Parsival, who has the Power to move the Stars, the power to awaken a sleeping God. Move Him!

More important than knowing the Path is walking the Path, but our work (books) are of the Soul, your Soul. A collective experience since the very beginning. Our Folk Soul. A Blood Memory, which never fails. And will be a tremendous aid in helping to understand who you are, what you are and why you are here. So, do not forget to ask the right question at the right time: “How can I help”? “Can I make things right.” “What troubles thee Uncle?” And as simple as it may seem be always ready, willing, and able to toss that damned ring back in the Rhine. Your Spiritual Faith and optimism that you must not completely lose is aided by caring not for the world and its distractions but relishing in the fact that you know – We are all with you. Silent men who have paved Your Path to finding the Star.

September 10
On this day in 1917 was born Don Miguel Serrano Fernandez.  The prominent Author, Mystic, Diplomat, Soldier and Troubadour who boldly followed the path of Minne. Before he died, he even received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Mayor of Santiago, but few people realize that his greatest accomplishments were done in secret. As a Chilean Diplomat stationed around the world, he was quite helpful to the “Odessa”. There is no telling how many lives Don Serrano helped saving, from things even worse than death.

Sailing to the Antarctica, he sought out his mission in 48. Made contact in person with the Europeans in 51. He also made contact with the “Hermetic Circle” that same year. The more benevolent flare of Freemasonry, we would presume, who undoubtedly aided Odessa at times in their own way. Although they were not be trusted, they made themselves available to be used, in order to use him. That is the way of the occult world which is teeming with ulterior motives. Don Serrano would use them for what they were worth, along with the rest of his impressive and extensive contacts. He used them with a sincere appreciation and would have given a few the benefit of the doubt, if he were not sworn to secrecy, but he was. That is how perfect he was for his position. His admiration for people such as Hermann Hesse and Carl Jung was genuine and they felt it, which is so important and yet, also safe because he was not permitted to reveal any sensitive information. It made him the prefect and honest spy. He returned home and became the Chilean “Ambassador” in 53. We are confident that Miguel Serrano saved, helped, and aided thousands of lives, if not hundreds of thousands. And all of it was done in secret. Folks can and should learn something from that, for it is the way of success. In other words, be more than you appear.

We will raise a horn to you Miguel, Last Troubadour and Ambassador of Odessa!

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