Saint Patrick’s Breastplate

In Honor of Patrick of the Celtic Church. Few men have been more beguiled by the modern world than the man we today call “Saint Patrick”. The story of Patrick is older than the Catholic Church. He was of the Celtic. We will not bore the Folk with his true and long history other than this – if it was not for Patrick the Irish would know as little about the Tuatha De Danaan as what was preserved by the English. There is only one reason the Irish have a vast history of the Gods and that one reason was named Patrick. It was he who ordered his monks (Culdees) to preserve the stories of the Gods. So the next time one is relishing in the stories and meanings of the Tuatha De Danaan (children of Annie from the North) – they can thank Patrick: the guy everyone loves to hate. Below is sung part of his Druidical Prayer.


Brigid/Bride – “Mary of the Irish”

“In St. Bridget or St. Bride, the Patroness of Ireland and the Hearth, we Aryans have a Spiritual Treasure. Brig’s Cult of Maidens who tended the Eternal Flame of Kildare were held in higher esteem than Bishops. The Maidens would tend to the Perpetual Flame until the time of Henry the VIII. The ancient and Sacred grounds of Brigid’s Tower and Fire Temple at Kildare (Brigadare) reach back to the early Gods of Ireland. Her high regard with the Folk can easily be traced back to the Goddess Brigid of the Tuatha De Danann. Brigid’s importance as the Goddess of the Brig-ht Flame would play an important role in the instituting of Candlemas on February 2nd, the day that the Church designated for the Blessing of candles.”

“This is a wonderful and personal time for Families in which there is the making of St. Bridget Crosses, while sitting by the Fire, for the year to come. Her meandering Swastika Cross is known for its properties of ‘Luck’. As Guardian of the Home, the women can really shine on this occasion for the legends say, ‘a Home where Brig stays is aglow with Her ambience aflame’. The women bake in Honor of Brig and invite Her in – as if She was not already there, for She is the Ancestral Spirit. With the ‘Charming of the Plow’ it is an appropriate time to plant seeds in pots that need time to grow before being placed in the field. Spring cleaning can become almost magical as the cobwebs are chased away. It is the promise of Spring as the Lady of the Hearth makes Her appearance.”

Brig’s Cross

– Excerpt taken from The Great Yearning


“Interview with the Armanen”



Excerpts taken from the Unbroken Warrior:

“Throughout the unique history of the Aryan people, in times of trouble, ordinary men would assemble and band together to become extraordinary groups. This particular group of noble fighters would call themselves the “Bruders Schweigen” (“Silent Brothers” a.k.a. Silent Brotherhood) and become known to the world as “The Order”. Willingly sacrificing themselves “for the future of White children”, their Heroism would shatter the restrictions of time like a cheap piece of glass.”

Rise My Sons

Sons of Odin, Sons of Thor,
Kings of the cold Sea;
O gods, we go to do you Honor.
Who can stand against us?

See us; we go to feed the Ravens
With your enemies
And to make the wound-dew run red
Upon the grass.

Men of the mount – ains, go forth!
Carry the title of Liberty high;
Meet the enemy with righteous might and
With fury, drive him into the sea.

Fight my sons!
Fight for the green graves of your Sires.
Be you a Shield and protect the blood kindred people of
Your Soil;
Reclaim our sacred ground for Aryan man and Aryan woman.

Let the Seas run red with the blood of the fleeing alien hordes;
Go forth, my sons, and carry the banner of Your people high!
In the midst of battle I will be at your side;
Victory will be Ours!

– Robert J. Mathews, 1983


Wotan’s Day and The Jul Plate

“The old feast of Wotan is on Jul 6th (December 6th). In olden days the God of our ancestors rode through the air visiting his people, helpful and friendly, and leaving them little presents. He wanted to announce the start of the Winter season and the coming of the New Year. The church couldn’t suppress these yearly visits of this white bearded, one eyed leader of the good Spirits so they put one of its many saints, namely St. Nikolaus, in his place. But in many areas of Germany the Schimmelreiter — Rider On A White Horse, also known as Hruodprecht — Ruprecht — The One Shining With Glory = Wotan, or simply Father Yuletide (Father Christmas) remained. SS Families should gather together and make the visit of the Jul-Father a memorable event for the children, they will thank them for it in years to come. But where a visit cannot be arranged, all members of the family should put their Jul Plates on the window sill. They should find them in the morning filled with apples, nuts, and hand formed biscuits, the first messengers of the coming feast. Every member of a family should have his or her own Jul Plate. When a child is born, it should be presented with this Plate at the Ceremony Of Name Giving. It should be an old pewter plate, wooden plate, or a ceramic plate decorated with the Tree Of Life. As this Plate is used throughout the whole life, it should be beautiful, but not too grandiose. It is used on birthdays for placing the candles in, on Wotan’s Day, Yuletide Day and New Year’s Day for presents, on Easter Sunday for the Easter Eggs, on the Harvest Festival for apples, during the Wedding Ceremony for bread and salt, and during the Funeral Service the Light Of Life should extinguish whilst upon it.”

– Excerpt taken from The SS Family.


True Harvest

“In the modern world the fruits of Harvest can seem less meaningful when all our needs are so easily available. But in truth, we still reap what we sow. We get out of life that which we put into it. While most bounce aimlessly from every action and reaction, we see that we are generally the driver of the cause and effect in our lives. We recognize that our Life and Well Being are all but Fruits of our Labors. One should think hard about what kind of harvest they are creating. One must Prepare and be ready, working for the future of the Folk. So that when the Harvest comes, and it will come, there will be an Abundance of Reward. And let us not be too smart to suffer. Many times it is better to lose than to win, to die rather than live. Let us not outsmart ourselves, for that is the way of the enemy. Let us keep our integrity at all costs, because our Honor is worth more than all the successes of this world. Let us choose Duty and never the naive idea of happiness. Virtue over pleasure. Let us choose death before dishonor. It seems that evil always wins in this world because they can do anything, such as deceive and betray – but in truth they just met with their reward. Whereas the good and wise, the just, the knowing one, he who can see past the niggardly moment. He is working and struggling for something far greater – he is working for the true Harvest.”

Excerpt taken from The Great Yearning.


Why we cannot help “the Patriots” too soon.

The bastards running things are frauds no matter which side they are performing for. It is one big tent of lies and many of them know it. They embrace the lie because they cannot admit they were duped. “Vain illusion”. Regardless if it is God-hating, communists, child molesters or God-loving, capitalists, multi-culturists; they both serve the enemy. There are still well meaning people in those camps. God and His Friends will be saving Souls up until the very last moment. They are that Good. True Heroes in every sense of their Divine nature, but even they have their limits. It can be difficult to help someone that is not willing to help themselves. They have to hurt to think. Eventually we will need to save Christians, but not yet……


Excerpt taken from The Vinlanders

The Cult of the Dead

The Cult of the Dead or the veneration of Ancestors are terms to describe the beliefs and customs of the Ancient Northern Germanic Sea People, who were also Mound Builders (Corded Ware). It is because those beliefs travelled with them is why we hear so much of places such as Egypt carrying on many similar practices. The easiest way to demonstrate the ANGSP “Cult of the Dead” is by taking a look at the Catholic Faith.  There is a difference between the Church and the Faith. The Church wants servants, but the Faith is still bursting with ancient traditions that have been simply renamed. The Ancestral cult of the dead of the ancient Aryans is identical to the science of the Saints. A Saint is an exemplar of someone who, after their death, takes on certain duties (an Archetype) to which they aid their fellow man from a better position to help, which is exactly how the Vikings felt about the Ancestors in the Mounds. Mounds were raised for Kings for this precise purpose. Kings, Heroes, Bards etc., were thought to assist their descendants from the other side of the Mound, the Otherworld.

At the heart of the Cult of the Dead are not only the Mounds and Otherworld, but also the Alban. Again, it is the story of the Tuatha de Danann. Semi-Divine beings who chose to retire to the Mounds were considered to be with the Alban. For instance, King Olaf Gudrødsson had a dream that in the future a terrible plague was going to devastate his people. Olaf was given the opportunity to be interred in a Mound for the purpose of protecting the Folk from the Plague, which he chose to do. He did help his people and became known as the Elf, Olaf Geirstad-Alf. To take the path of the Mounds was venerated because of its sacrifice. Those who chose to remain behind had the power to influence the world of the living. They stayed to help; a most admirable trait and highly revered by the Folk.  

In an informative short film, Norse Religion: Cult of the Dead, the archeologist Arith Härger makes several relevant parallels to North American Mounds. So much so that one could think he intended to do so, but that is not the case, because if he knew and was actually trying to show the similarities – there would have been more. We quote:

‘On the archeological perspective, we have a number of cases of burial Mounds (Barrows) from the Migration period which are not rounded at the top, like the ones from the late Iron Age and Viking period. They have been purposely flattened at the top to give them the appearance of platforms. We have examples such as the ones you can visit at Husby and Old Uppsala. Burials with a flattened top and a slight slope suggesting a sort of stage where actions would be visible for those standing below. It is also believed that in such cases stones were set on top of the Burial Mounds to form a seat where someone could actually sit. Perhaps perform a ritual, utter words or a rite, a celebration. It’s curious because most Scandinavian burial Mounds, even in Scandinavian Colonies, are situated in close proximity with the local Assemblies or Things. Among such burial Mounds we can find other Mounds with their tops perfectly flattened. So it seems clear that these burial Mounds were intended for some public ceremony. When we look into Old Norse literature, indeed, there are cases of Kings sitting on their burial Mounds, or the sons of Kings sitting on their fathers’ burial Mound waiting for their rite of succession to be passed on to them.’

We have consistently stated that the Platform Mounds, such as Monk’s Mound, were the assemblies of the Thing, the Halgadoms. It is good to find a Scandinavian who agrees. Härger has perfectly described the Mississippian culture, while relating his own Norse Heritage. From Sweden to England, it is known that several functions were held both at natural and man-made Mounds, which were usually burial Mounds (The Lawspeaker and the Volva both spoke from an elevated position).”  


Crowd visits CNN headquarters in Atlanta.


The Chicks are coming Home to Roost

We are on the verge of suffering the same fate as the Germans – a fate they suffered because of us. It is the chicks coming home to roost. Plain and simple. We are struggling against the very same communists we saved in WWII. But all of this needs to pass. Maybe just maybe when the white man is watching himself be blamed for his own physical destruction – perhaps he will have a moment of clarity about Adolf Hitler. A moment of clarity that could save his Immortal Soul.


Excerpt taken from The Last Avatar:

“Here are the Castles of the Aesir Gods: Each castle hangs like a fruit of the IggDrasil ash-tree, the World Tree, like a golden apple during the Golden Age. Their total number is a dozen plus one, equaling thirteen. Only ten are visible, three are invisible. The number twelve and thirteen form part of the Court of King Arthur and the Mystery of the Grail: the First Castle is the crown of the divine dignity of Wotan. It corresponds to the planet Poseidon-Njoerd. The Second Castle corresponds to the wisdom of the Father and his generative power. It is the planet Uranus-Varuna, also the Milky Way, the Road of Iring, that of Wotan (a departure from the Galaxy). The Third Castle corresponds to the receptive understanding of the Mother. Stars close to the Earth. Saturn. The Fourth Castle represents (Odinic) clarity. Jupiter. The Fifth Castle represents judgment, the sentence. Mars. The Sixth Castle represents beauty, the centre or nucleus of being. Day and night, light and obscurity, the entire earth. The Sun. The Seventh Castle represents eternity, youth, respiration, nature, pyramids, the Eye of the Dragon. Venus. The Eighth Castle represents involuntary movement, hierarchy and the divine number eight. Aryan Law. The Ninth Castle represents the vegetative I, the people, time. Moon. The Tenth Castle represents the Reich, the physical body and elemental body, earth, nation, matter, world, the four elements, Midgard, firm land of the German Poles. The Eleventh Castle represents Knowledge (of the Aesir), Spirit. It is the Reichskanzler, the Chancellor of the Reich. The Solar System. Castles Twelve and Thirteen correspond to the invisible places of the Aesir and the Asa, where no one can yet dwell or even see. Perhaps from where men and women can or could leap into the Void. In the Mystery of the Grail and of the Court of King Arthur, the seat with number 13 was the “Siege Perilous”, that of the leap into the Void. Towards the Grail. Castles Four and Five of the Aesir form the human soul, Castles Seven and Eight form the animal soul. Castle Nine conforms to the vegetative I. Castles Two and Three carry equilibrium, Spirit, Geist, consciousness. As can be seen here, the Hyperborean Siddha, the warrior-hero of Hyperborea, must in his entrance into the Demiurgic Universe clothe himself with the substances of the Zodiac and stellar planes against which he does battle in order to transfigure them. They are the distinct Castles and stars of this enumeration. It will be the Goddess Frigg, wife of Wotan, who will achieve the realization of the Fourth Reich, where the Lord of Valhalla, Wotan, materializes fully, able to reach what his Avatar, in the Darkest Age of the Earth, was prevented from fulfilling. It will be the triumphant return of the Führer, as Kalki, on the White Horse of Eight Legs.”


Excerpt taken from The Complete Armanen (2012):

“He is our Prince and He is the Morning Star. The Christ Himself tells us that He is the offspring of the Morning Star. Believe it, Kinsman, Lucifer is God. Christ is the resurrection of Lucifer, just as the Horus is the resurrection of Osiris, Krishna to Vishnu, Cuhulain to Lugh Lamfada and as Baldur in Wotan, who will reign after the Twilight of the Gods.  Lucifer is an Aryan name. It has no place in the history of the Jews. Lucifer and Satan are not the same being, in fact, they are quite the opposite. It is important to learn that Lucifer has nothing to do with the satanic cult. The cult is ran and supplied by the c.i.a. and folks really need to know this, because the cult believes that when martial law takes place in America, it is they who will have a free hand to takeout resisters. If and when there is martial law; National Socialists are going to find they have a lot more in common with the gun toting Christian Patriot (they will most likely need our help, as usual) rather than these degenerates who sometimes call themselves pagan. Lucifer is the Aryan God, the great Deus Pater; Pa-Tyr. The mighty Jove and His axe – Axis; His Hammer – that when swung makes all things anew. He is the all Powerful Irman – Irminsul; the true God who is too mighty to name….. A great one once said, “Lucifer is the Old Man and everything comes from the Old Man.” All of Creation is in the AllFather and nothing will continue within Him unless He permits it. That which we need to concern ourselves with is to fight, never forsaking our Honor, and that is all that matters. The enemy has discovered our weakness; they use our Honor against us. Honor a weakness? Yes, according to their material, earthbound existence. For we Aryans it is our greatest strength because to lose with Honor is to win. Our Honor is our salvation. These are glorious days for Martyrs. I do not know how to remove the powers that be, but I do know how to stop them: The blood of the Valhalla bound Hero. For us, it is quite obvious that the Chief has ordered a stand down and an organized falling back since WWII but there is surely coming the day when the rear guard, Vanguard, will reverse its position. It is a tedious situation. Truth is that we could win this war tomorrow and always could have (we represent forces that are far greater than the known world of men), but it would mean total destruction. They would rather destroy everything than give it up. They are insane and the inmates are running the asylum. They will eventually destroy one another, it is their nature. We must follow the lead of the early Armen and lay the foundation that our children may stand upon, first by rejecting and eventually being completely unaffected by this world of degeneracy and lies. We need to dig in, become self sufficient and so on. There must be sanctuary first; otherwise, there will be nothing left to fight for other than dying well. We must find the Good God within ourselves; it is He who will teach the little ones that which is faithful and true.” 


Excellent short video that 100% exposes how the vote counting machines are manipulated. Proof positive.


Joe “The Prophet” Biden-his time

Israeli-firster Donald Trump won the election yesterday, and against insurmountable odds we might add. The people all around this country came out in support of Trump and he won big because he is the only one representing any kind of Nationalism. So now has begun the theatrics of the Communists, who have every intention of stealing the election right before our very eyes. Biden-his time predicted a dark winter at the debate. With the orchestrated chaos that is soon to come to a theater near you – it is going to be a dark winter indeed. And one hell of a year to follow. They didn’t activate a world-wide plannedemic to stop now. The Communists are not going anywhere and grow stronger each passing year. This is it.



Vinland the Good

“They called the country Vinland”.

“We know it”, said I. “I am a Vinlander”.

“The sturdy and giant of a man liked what he saw and could already see himself offering Leif, Erik’s son, the sacred Halberth of the King’s Royal Guard. A Royal Guard that would one day become known as the legendary Berkenbeiner. Leif Eriksson had made an impression by passing Iceland and sailing straight for Norway from Greenland; a notable feat, showing the possibilities of direct trade with the Greenlanders. Leif had been sent to King Olaf as the agent of his father. Why not strike the deal with the King himself? And now Leif stood in the Court of Olaf Tryggvason. Love him or hate him, no one can deny the prowess of Tryggvason. A most formidable opponent. Once a great Raider, who was so physically blessed that he could run down the oars of a rowing ship. Now he sailed the mightiest of Longships he had named the Great Serpent. The King knew this meeting was destined. How many destined moments? What of the time Odin came to him at Avaldsnes? Or the prophecy of the Papars? And now standing before him was this strong and tall young man of good bearing destined to “discover” Vinland. He would set high his flag on the shores of New Norway. Leif was baptized into the “Celtic Church” while spending the winter with Olaf – or so we are told according to Eiríks Saga Rauða (Erik the Red’s Saga).  How serious Leif took Baptism or if it actually happened we shall never know, but the Priests he brought back to Greenland seemed real enough. Greenland would accept the deal of the Celtic Church which was really the Gothic Church. Whether they were called Arians, Parsis, Cathars, Bogomils, Albans, Priscillians, Papas etc., they were a part of the Blood Memory, which is not found in any book.”

Excerpt taken from The Vinlanders



We are out of time – the time is Now

Whether it be paid communists in the streets attacking the weak and gullible or the coming global government of total slavery – the time is Now.



“When the Condor of the South comes together with the Eagle of the North, the spirit of the Earth will awake, then She will awaken the millions of her children, this will be the Resurrection of the Dead.” – Ancient Inca/Quechua [Viking] prophecy (The Vinlanders)

“The Völa Maga has also prophesied, or perhaps it was Allouine: “One day the Führer of the White Race will guide his Furious Horde, his Wildes Heer, out of Asgard, beyond cold and torment, to return to the Garden of the Golden Apples of Induna. And he will resurrect Baldur. The Führer of the Aryans will come mounted on a White Horse with eight legs, by the name of Sleipsnir.” He will also be called Kalki and he will also be Wotan. He will now come to conquer, rescuing the last of his warriors, the imprisoned heroes of the Darkest Age. With the Eight Legs of his Horse he will crush the head of the Fenrir Wolf. And he will defeat the Ice of the Enemy. He will put an end to the Age of the Wolf, for He himself must live like a wolf-cub.” – excerpt from The Last Avatar

– Excerpt from The Last Avatar

“The Redskins kept the true symbolism of the Eagle of Hyperborean mythology that is no longer possible to find elsewhere and has been studied by F. Schuon in his book The Sacred Pipe. They have developed this symbolism metaphysically with the concept of the Thunderbird, Wakan-Tanka (Wakan is Wotan), supernatural being who is hidden behind the clouds of thunderstorms and whose eyes flash bolts, producing thunder with the beating of his wings. This Bird fights against the Dragon of Evil. He is Olympian Zeus, Jupiter the Thunderous, Ollin-Tonatiuh of the Aztecs, Nordic-Hyperborean Trilogy of Odin-Thor-Tyr. Polar Gods. He who identifies with the Eagle must go beyond, towards the Thunderbird who is something like the spiritual counterpart of the physical eagle, like what Mount Meru is to Kailas in the Trans-Himalyas. And in this way the Indian warrior acquires the energy of Father Sun, the Spiritual Black Sun, beyond the physical sun. The eagles speak to the warrior and say to him: “We fight against the powers of darkness.  Join us.” Thus the hero abandons his previous life and is delivered to Thunderbird Road, Wakan-Tanka, dedicating his life to combat the monsters and help the eagles in their battles. And the Sioux warrior says: “Place on my head two feathers of Wakan-Tanka in reverence of Him who is beyond all things and that things reveal to us.” Stone, for example, rock as immovable sign of the immutable. The Redskin warrior exclaims: “Oh, ancient stones, Tunkayatapaka, now thou art here with us! Wakan-Tanka has created other worlds and hath placed you near to Him. Generations walk upon you…” Rock is a runic crystallization that can be regenerated. Fear them! Besides menhir, dolmen and cromlech, they can be transmuted into the U.F.O. The Lance (as in Gralic legend) crystallization of the runic Thunderbolt Sieg Rune and the Pipe, are both Polar-Nordic symbols later inherited by the Redskins. As we have said, they metaphysically develop the Aryan symbol of the ravens Hugin and Mugin, Frederick Barbarossa, Wotan and the Parsees with the Towers of Silence. We best discover the meaning of eagle’s wings in the Viking helmets that the Redskins have preserved in their headdress of feathers with which they cover themselves and in the two feathers in their hair. They also carry horns like Nordic helmets. Moreover they adore the sacred mountains and the magnetic points of the earth through a geomancy similar to the Aryan Vastu Shastra. Everything is alive and has a soul for them.

This noble man and warrior, faithful guardian of the symbols of the Hyperborean White Gods of yesteryear, and guided by them in Atlantis and then in Vinland, Huitramannaland, has been annihilated by the Great Conspiracy, robbed by that Conspiracy of their sacred land, destroying their spiritual cosmos as C.G. Jung also discovered, massacring them physically and morally with the Jewish Bible in one hand and the gun in the other.

The Eagle on the front cover of this book is Aztec, a symbol of the Black Sun, Polar, also engraved on the furniture of the Chancellery of the Third Reich. Hitler had designed it there, knowing the symbol will be the Fourth Reich, which will come on an Other Earth regenerated by Wakan-Tanka, the Thunderbird, after the victory over the powers of evil and darkness, when the power Wakan-Wotan has imposed order and justice in a spiritual extra-cosmic sense. And the last Avatar of the Führer returns mounted on the Eagle of an Other Light, the Bird of Thunder.”



We are Sweden

The elephant in the room that no one seems to be addressing is that in most of North America life goes on the same. By far the majority of people in the rural areas of America are NOT wearing masks nor locked down at home. Quite to the contrary, they are living their lives the same as they always had without any health crisis because of it. While the electronic screens show us ghost towns that were only yesterday major cities etc. etc., the truth is that half of this country has gone on for the most part as usual. And just as Sweden, there has been no epidemic other than the one they present on the “news”. The proof is in the pudding.

Without realizing it we have already proven that We are Sweden.



Everyone’s favorite president, Donald Trump, has promised to make the Klan a “terrorist organization”, which means that if you are a white man unfortunate enough to be labeled a “klansman” – you will have no rights whatsoever. You will simply be hauled off never to be seen again…..

In response to such a miserable threat, we have opted to move “The True and Concise History of the Ku Klux Klan” up to top billing. – Get it while you can.

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Here the gods’ Twilight

Gathers, earth-gulfing;

Blackness of battle,

Fierce till the Old World

Flare up in fire.

Doubt not, my Northmen;

Fate loves the fearless;

Fools, when their roof-tree

Falls, think it doomsday;

Firm stands the sky.

Over the ruin

See I the promise;

Crisp waves the cornfield,

Peace-walled, the homestead

Waits open-doored.



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