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For those who are unaware of her, there is a Lady on the internet who is spot on about the beliefs and history of the Norse. She made leaps and bounds in understanding by translating every word in the old stories, which changes everything. We have protected her up until now because she does not speak of Race and certainly not National Socialism. Being subject to her upbringing, she would not agree with us about “politics”. That being said – please do not disrespect her or start leaving uncalled comments etc etc. Have some respect. And take from her teachings what you can and please be grateful enough to leave it at that. She is called Lady of the Labyrinth and well worth watching (Seeds of Yggdrasil playlist). Blessed be the Disir.



“Ostara is the name given for the time from the Spring Equinox leading into Easter Sunday. It is the time of Resurrection of Life. Our dear maiden Ostara is Urda made anew, it is said that flowers bloom with Her every step. She is the Dawn of the vernal rising Sun in the East. A most joyous time when the children search for Easter eggs decorated with Holy Runes – a sign of Birth and Life…. In this year of 2014 we find ourselves right in the Center of a Spiritual phenomena, which is the Birthday of Adolf Hitler falling precisely on Easter Sunday of the Resurrection (2003, 2014, 2025). Good Friday is the destruction, the tearing down while Easter Sunday is the Resurrection, the Rising of the Sun. As the ‘Lightning and the Sun’, Adolf Hitler was rightly born on Holy Saturday, the day (April 20th) in-between Good Friday and Easter Sunday in the year of 1889. The Promise of the Resurrection of the Christ realized in the Birth of Adolf Hitler. It is a great thought and Hope that the Third occurrence in 2025 could be known by many Noble Souls around the World and that the Resurrection Fires be glowing across Midgard in Honor of our Fuhrer.”

“We Honor the Holy Fire of the Perpetual Flame ever Turning. Mighty symbol of the Eternal Resurrection. We send up the smoke with the Promise of the renewal and rejuvenation of both the Earth around us and the world within us. The Faithful Ostara shows us the way. Her Light is that which Shines aglow this night. May our Hearts and Minds be Illuminated by the Light of this Sacred Circle. The Realization that it is always our decisions and actions that dictate the turning of the Wheel of Fate. The Norns only smile on those who walk upright so that when we fall – and we will fall – it is up to us to rise up again. The Resurrection is only Promised to those who completed their Mission. The Sacrifices of those Loyal to Adolf Hitler has taught us this again.”

-Excerpts taken from The Great Yearning

“Spring is coming to greet us, the south wind blows mild,

All the meadows bloom with red and blue flowers.

Outside, the brown heathland weaves a lovely dress for herself

And invites everyone to the May dance.

Forest birds sing the songs you wish for,

So come to the happy dance, the journey is worth it.

Under the green lime trees the white dresses shine,

All the sorrows of winter are over for us children.”

– Excerpt taken from The SS Family


55 Club




ADOLF HITLER – THE LAST AVATAR, by Miguel Serrano, Book One and Two are now available. This is an updated version of Franz Berg’s original translation. Put simply, this is the very most important book of our time – the Destiny of the immortal Hero. The Tome of Don Serrano.

Review from the Translator (Brother Francis of the Brahmanic Order of Kristos-Lucifer-Wotan):

“Adolf Hitler: The Last Avatar is an absolutely incomparable treasure that is predestined for the eyes of the true elite of this fast perishing world, the Aryans of Imperium Europa.  The inspired Holy Writs of Don Miguel are together like unto the New Testament, written not for entertainment or curiosity, but for the Creation and Destruction of Worlds.  They form the framework for the Third Millennium, for the Aryan Golden Age that even now dawns within the current apocalyptic collapse of the Post-War era that itself began so confidently amid the ruins of 1945.”

Both Book One and Book Two are almost 500 pages each. Contact us for your copy today (36 dollars each or 65 dollars for both).

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Everyone’s favorite president, Donald Trump, has promised to make the Klan a “terrorist organization”, which means if you are a white man unfortunate enough to be labeled a “Klansman” – you will have no rights whatsoever. You will simply be hauled off not to be seen again. In response to such a miserable threat, we have opted to move “True and Concise History of the Ku Klux Klan” up to top billing. – Get it while you can.

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A True and Concise History of the Ku Klux Klan

There are few organizations that have been more misrepresented than the Ku Klux Klan. This book is the history of the Ku Klux Klan told by the Ku Klux Klan. Excellent and forgotten books, articles, interviews, manuals and rituals have been compiled and tell a tale that is in total contrast to that which is thought today. In its pages we learn of the Jewish agent, John Wilkes Booth. We read of the Gunfighters, Quantrill’s Guerrillas, and groups like the Knights of the Golden Circle, a Christmas Eve in Pulaski, Tennessee and the Confederate officers who, inspired by the Holy Vehm, triumphed over the reconstruction. Phase two of the early 1900’s began with the sensational story of “The Klansman” (“Birth of a Nation”) and the anti-semitic Knights of Mary Phagan, which saw the growth of the “fraternal” Klan that was more than ten million strong and even had Presidents as members. It is shown how during WWII the Klan was among the last to still openly oppose Jewish interests and what it cost them. The Klansmen who rose against the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s would pay an even heavier price. The Spirit of the Knight Rider came full circle when He rode with the Bruders Schweigen in the 1980’s. There is an invisible spirit passed on like an invisible torch. The reader will experience the truer and deeper significance of the transformations that have taken place throughout the history of the Order.




I am impressed that so much information can be in one book.

Reviewed in the United States on February 2, 2018.

I was hesitant when I first saw the steepest priced book by 55 Club at $33, for a subject that has been well gone over but after reading it I can say the book is worth a lot more. I counted seven books in this book. Early books by the daughters of the original order are an insider account and they are fantastic.


The Vinlanders:

Featuring Miguel Serrano’s We do not Celebrate the Death of the White Gods

The Vinlanders is a journey into the past which follows the fall of the Gods in Northern Europe around 1000 AD. The same precise time the Vinlander Platform Mounds in Ancient America were begun. It is revealed the last refuge for Northern Paganism was in Ancient America, where The Vinlanders would later be labeled the early “Mississippian Culture”. Vinlanders also contains an essay written by Miguel Serrano in reference to the White Gods of America. Over 50 pages of illustrations and comparison. Archeologists will be hard pressed in trying to deny the evidence in this work. We cannot give a full description other than this – your spiritual inheritance is rediscovered in this work.

22.00 dollars



Reviewed in the United States on August 10, 2020 by Corrine.

‘The Vinlanders’ is really one of those rare historical works that should be praised in terms of its educational value.

Being familiar with numerous ‘scholarly’ works regarding this topic, I found this work simply outstanding in its depth and level of research. The info was succinct and to the point, the bibliography is well documented for those who want to dig deeper, the pictorial references are eloquent as proofs.

I can’t see how anyone can seriously argue against the basic premise(s) of the argument after reading this exceptional work: I’m convinced…’them boys were here alright’.


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The Complete Armanen

The Complete Armanen is the history the Aryan Runic Tradition. The God of the Indo-European peoples comes alive in its pages. A must read for every student of the Runes and anyone who seeks answers in a growing world of chaos. Written and compiled by Armanists, it is the first time the true heroic spirit of the great Masters has been printed in English. Chapter 1 – The Havamal Chapter 2 – Guido Von List Chapter 3 – S.A. Kummer Chapter 4 – The Edda Society Chapter 5 – K.M. Wiligut Chapter 6 – The S.S. Chapter 7 – Miguel Serrano Chapter 8 – The Round Table Chapter 9 – Conclusion. In this book the quest of the Armanen lives on.




amazing book

Reviewed in the United States on December 2, 2019.

Many sources of information put together in one book. I opened this up and wondered why it took me so long to buy this. If you have any interest in the Armanen Futhark, this is worth getting.


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Nos, Book of the Resurrection (Miguel Serrano)

Nos, Book of the Resurrection is the magical masterpiece by Miguel Serrano. It is his personal journey of Initiation which shapes epiphanies into words. In this book Serrano speaks of those things which no one speaks of. It is the story of Wotan, the story of Apollo, the story of Lucifer. NOS is the song of the Minnesinger, the Troubadour, and the Cathar. The quest for the Holy Graal has never been made so clear. Don Serrano relates to us a Lost Love, an Eternal Love that is the answer to the riddle of the Eternal Return. NOS was written for the one who as of yet has not been satisfied with the answers that have been given. Hyperborea/Thule is revealed. Atlantis is found. The Beloved Valkyrie, along with the White Gods are re-discovered.



By Wotansblot. March 1, 2019.

This book won’t be understood by all and it is not for everyone. However, it is more than a book, and it’s pages are bound within my very being. I have read it twice in the last two years since I first came across it and both times it spoke a new truth to me and filled my being with longing, hope, and honour for life. This is a beautiful quest written by Serrano who is both a great writer (hiding his messages within the words) and a great mystic throughout our times. I have only discovered him two years ago but have read many of his books and will read them countless times. For those of US meant to read this book, it’s poeteticism will not be read and understood by ones mind, but drunk by our blood. I am also thankful for the 55 club for bringing many of his works into availablility in English. There a couple of typos but nothing that detracts from the work. It retains its poetic tone.


2019 release. “Lanz von Liebenfels ~ Ostara and the New Templars”

[GermanenOrden Vol. IV] – Translated by Gregory Klanderud.

The life and works of Josef Lanz have been translated into the English language. A supporter of Guido von List, Lanz’s work and the New Templars complimented the High Armanen GermanenOrden. (Including for the first time – 4 full translations of the “Ostara” magazine.)  A must read for the Christian Mystic.




For the seekers of deepest understanding

Reviewed in the United States on April 27, 2019.

A most intriguing book. An English translation of works by von Liebenfels is not often found on the marketplace, yet now we have this 300 page omnibus – and masterfully translated, to boot. Modern worshippers of Ostara will be pleased to know the eponymous magazine from the early 20th century has passages from issues 1, 59, 69 and 78 printed herein. Too, miss not the rare treasure, the Teutonic Psalms. With a heartfelt desire for fairness, I yet submit to prospective buyers that this could be an early contender for Esoterica book of the year.


The Rita of the Ario-Germanen (Guido von List)

[GermanenOrden Volume II]

THE RITA OF THE ARIO-GERMANEN is a journey into the Germanic past of the ancient Teutonic Thing and the Holy Vehm. We find in it’s pages that the Rita is the cosmic law(s) of God(s) and yet it is still more than that and just as alive today as it has been since the very beginning. In this masterpiece by Guido von List, the reader is shown the Rita in their soul. With chapters named after the Norns, List explores the primal beginnings of Cosmic Law and shows how the Aryan people have always been the bearers of Law. A folk so noble and just that they had even held court on the Gods. The Gods of course were the first to hold court at Urd’s well, which is the origin of the Ario-Germanic Thinge. There are also three remarkable chapters by ‘Guido von List Society’ members (Philipp Stauff included).



Jim Lewis

The 55 Club has done it again!

Reviewed in the United States on May 18, 2015.

The 55 Club has done it again! “Rita of the Ario Germanen” is the book of the Thing. Guido von List goes back into the annals of time and shows the reader how those very same things which we feel today were first felt and applied by our ancestors. The High and Holy Eight then evolves into the Holy Vehme. The book culminates with chapters from the Guido von List society. Plilipp Stauff was certainly a man of interest. The idea of applying this book to the Wotanist circles of today has limitless possibilities. I recommend this book be read by all Indo-Europeans and especially anyone interested in the cosmic laws of nature.


Resurrection of the Hero (Miguel Serrano)

The Resurrection of the Hero by Miguel Serrano. This book, probably more than any of his others, delves deeply into the origins of ‘religion’ and its true meaning. Serrano takes the reader through religion’s inner, esoteric, alchemical and astrological meanings. Beginning with the most ancient Mithraism to Zarathustra, Kristianism and beyond (the Age of Aquarius, the Age of the Ultimate Avatar); you will come to see that all dying and resurrected Gods are zodiacal weapons for the Heroes to fight with. The new Futhark has been revealed, the reader will enter the world of the Archetype, the Avatar, and perhaps even find an exit, a window, a strategic departure from the Eternal Return. This edition also includes photos that have been translated into English from the original Spanish work. The Resurrection of the Hero will quickly become a ‘must have’ for the esoteric National Socialist.




A Second Awakening, the Key to the Occult War in the Age of Kalki

Reviewed in the United States on January 18, 2016.

This book for me, is a second awakening, a life-changer. I have been a big fan of Savitri Devi for years, but I had never been able to “get into” Serrano; works that appear essential are not available in English or only in PDF formats that I find hard to access. I read NOS recently, but I need to reread it now that I have read this book – which explicitly and clearly, yet still poetically and beautifully elucidates just what is going on in the occult warfare now coming to a peak in this Age of Kalki. It ties together Devi’s analyses and insight with the ancient Aryan history of Tilak and the ancient pre-Christian teachings of the Gnostics, as well as the Vedic and Hyperborean forefathers. If you find yourself awakened to What is really going on in our world and still longing to know Who is behind it, this book should answer your questions. Spiritual and powerful, intellectually and emotionally satisfying, this book is the Key.


The Yearly Celebrations and Life in the SS Family (Fritz Weitzel)

A new English edition of the monumental “The SS Family” by SS Obergruppenführer Fritz Weitzel. For the first time are included the songs and poems from the German original. Weitzel laid a spiritual foundation for the SS home in this publication from 1939. He was actually commissioned to do so By Heinrich Himmler. Weitzel takes the reader on a journey throughout the calendar year, along with several other additions, such as wedding and burial rites. The book is particularly important to the Mother of the family. One of the most highly prized books of the Aryan home.




Perfect for the Nordicist and Hyperborean Traditionalist.

Reviewed in the United States on May 17, 2016.

A fascinating book on the annual celebrations of the German people, although specifically meant for Schutzstaffel families. This little book has great value, not only for historians, but for those interested in reinvigorating their celebrations after commercialisation has made Christmas and Easter distasteful and repugnant to them. This wonderful book also has information on death rites and naming ceremonies, plus music and more.


Runenhäuser (Philipp Stauff)

[GermanenOrden Volume III]

In 1913, there was one original work that demanded the attention of the knowing. Working from the basis of the revelations of Guido von List, Runenhäuser would take a giant step into the “practical” application of Runes. While, there had always been the knowledge of Runic implications in the half-timbered framework, no one had ever came to the assertions that Philipp Stauff would present. Runenhäuser quickly became a standard; Guido von List, himself, plays a part in the book, Gorsleben and Bülow (The Edda Society) both sang its praises. Later, at Wewelsburg Castle, the SS would use Runenhäuser as a reference for the construction of Rune houses and it was also the key component that set the future SS Ahnenerbe Runic scholar, Karl Theodor Weigel, upon his journey.



Wulf V

A Milestone in Armanist Literature

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on May 29, 2016.

The 55 Club have done a splendid job with their translation of this rare Armanist work. I know from personal experience that translating esoteric Armanist literature is not an easy task as much of the language is obscure and the concepts are not easy to grasp. The book is fully illustrated and comes with a short and helpful biography of Herr Phillipp Stauff. The Table of Contents include The German Timber-Frame Construction, The Runic Question, The Gable Triangle and Roof’s End, Miscellaneous Figures, The Decorative Development, The Tau-Sign, and Other Wide Symbolism.
The translation and publication of this work in my opinion represents a milestone, for the study of runic signs in timber framed buildings has not been given a great deal of coverage in the English speaking world apart from the writings of English esoteric researcher Nigel Pennick.
It is hoped that the 55 Club will continue in their mission for many years, bringing Armanist and Ariosophical literature to the English speaking world. May Arman guide them and lighten their path!



SERRANO: The Early Years is A Prelude to NOS, Book of the Resurrection. In its pages are 3 separate works by Miguel Serrano – THE ULTIMATE FLOWER (or non-existent) released in 1969. EL/ELLA; THE BOOK OF MAGICAL AMOR released in 1972. And the newly translated NIETZSCHE AND THE ETERNAL RETURN released in 1974. Each of these books are essential to understanding Miguel Serrano’s Esoteric Hitlerism. Written in code, they are the precursor to NOS and the TRILOGY of Esoteric Hitlerism containing a vast amount of background information to many of Serrano’s recurrent themes. We meet Jason, the master, wet road, White Gods, eternal return and much more. SERRANO: the early years will complete the student of ‘Esoteric Hitlerism’.




Miguel Serrano: Avatar of Divinity

Reviewed in the United States on March 15, 2015.

Master Serrano is incomparable, a true genius of mind and spirit. Historian, mythologist, poet, mystic, metaphysician, esotericist, paragon of beauty and truth, implacable enemy of the demiurge, his archons, minions, human sycophants, and material Hell. Thanks to the Most High and The 55 Club for bringing us this priceless gem. May they please provide all of Master Serrano’s works in English.


The Great Yearning: An Armanen Ritual

“There is Virtue in this troubled world and ‘Someone’ must have created it, must have inspired it and that ‘Someone’, that God of Honor, is whom we choose to serve.” Opening chapters are the informative personal quest of an Armanen, which is followed by suggested rituals throughout the year – both solar and lunar. Additions include the 9 nights of Wotan, a ‘Calendar of Solemnity’, which contains heroes and quotes for every day of the year, and so much more. This is a cutting and controversial work that regardless if one loves or hates it, the reader will certainly take something from it.



Dale Chatfield

You are seeing this review because you were looking for this, even if you weren’t aware of it.

Reviewed in the United States on January 22, 2020.

I am ordinarily reserved and quite a deal more so with praise, in fact, this is the first time I have given a review after the better half of nearly 3 years of twice a month at approximately $70 each order. I find myself, in this case forced to restrain.
This book I could not unbegrudgingly put down and my thoughts oft turned to it when I was forced to. It is now my traveling companion, a permanent fixture. Reading this felt like coming home. I am not at all easily given to emotion but this brought tears of joy to my eyes. A must have for every White home, if it is meant for you.


The Final Battalion

There have been many books written about the subject of National Socialist Germany and their advanced technologies concerning flying discs or perhaps better known as U.F.O.’s. Today, there is also quite a fuss about the ancient giants, ‘Nephilim’ etc. What most of these books do not reveal is that they quite are related. Truth be known, both of these subject matters are irreversibly connected, for they are both part of a hidden history that those who are in power would prefer for you and I to know nothing about because the real story offers hope and choices. Therefore, the enemy makes every effort to conceal these overwhelming truths. Our hope is that in this little work that covers some 20,000 years we may shed a little light on the dark dilemma that most of us intuitively feel as long back as we can remember. Many succumb and just plain give up because it seems so much easier, but then there are those who do not. The great souls that please God are those who never give up even though they believe that there is no chance of winning. They continue to struggle only because they feel it the right thing to do and it is to them that the hope written of in this work is given. So, the question is what are we going to do about it? Is one content with being a blind slave looking for the next distraction or an awakening Hero of God? Only our actions in time will tell.



Cosmic Bliss Monkey

The Heroes Journey

Reviewed in the United States on April 25, 2016.

Our Aryan-Hyperborean past is laid out in amazing detail – from our ancient home in Aldebaron to the antedeluvian diaspora on this earth, here lies the most accessable first steps of a most bizarre and beautiful journey through the esoteric world that is The 55 Club. If you continue on this path, answers to questions asked long ago surface in your mind (they have always been within you) and your life will become almost unrecognizable from who you are when you begin.

As a note, there is not a hint of hate or intolerance in any work published by The 55 Club. These books are tools for awakening the wandering children of Ultima Thule from a deliberately imposed sleep of forgetfulness, and the Light of the Morning is beautiful beyond measure.


The Unbroken Warrior, Richard Scutari

The Unbroken Warrior, Richard Scutari – retells the glorious story of The Order (Bruders Schweigen) and one of its finest members, Richard Scutari. In its pages, we hear from more than 20 different contributors who have something to say about Richard Scutari and The Order – contributors such as Tom Metzger and Ron McVan. This book contains the writings of Richard Scutari, along with new material that has not yet been seen. Overall, this is a book dedicated to the noble life and actions of Richard Scutari who remains incarcerated because he remains “Unbroken”. A must read for the Wotanist Warrior.




Hyperborean Warfare

Reviewed in the United States on February 16, 2019.

If you believe in the 14 Words this book is non-negotiable. Must be required reading amongst us going forward. Sacrifice and suffering are the currency of victory. More of our kindred MUST know this story.


Hitler’s UFO against the New World Order (Miguel Serrano)

This new English translation of Miguel Serrano is quite relevant for the world today. It is true that he spends the majority of time discussing the National Socialist origins of the UFO, but as strange as it may sound, this work is surprisingly very straight-forward and practical. His insights into such things as the struggle between Nationalism (traditions of character and uniqueness) and Globalism (faceless slaves of the New World Order), CIA drug trafficking and their instigation of the heroin epidemic, the “invented enemy” called terrorism and much more – are all prophetic of the present times which we are living in. One could think that he wrote this book last night, rather than over 25 years ago. Perhaps, that is exactly what he was looking to accomplish. How can those concrete foresights not lend credibility to that which he speaks of the UFO? “It is down-right uncanny how Serrano can be so practical and make one prediction after another that have come to pass in a book about “UFOs”. Then again, we are speaking of Miguel Serrano, from whom we have come to expect such things.”




Another little gem by the Maestro. This work proves …

Reviewed in the United States on June 27, 2017.

Another little gem by the Maestro. This work proves beyond all doubt the *true origin* of the so-called “UFO” –and also explains its deeper esoteric essence.


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is kel2.jpg

Banned. Out of stock.

Theodor Fritsch: The Riddle of the Jew’s Success (Fritsch)

[GermanenOrden Volume I]

Theodor Fritsch was, by far, one of the most influential men in the history of Germany’s Third Reich. Fritsch, an initiate and founding member of the GermanenOrden, would lay the groundwork for the future ‘Savior of Germany’. Nearly forgotten is his masterpiece, ‘The Riddle of the Jew’s Success’, which is, one of the most comprehensive studies ever written pertaining to the Jewish question. Fritsch, speaking as a Christian, articulates the effects of Jewish influence so well that Allied soldiers were ordered to destroy all copies after the war. In ‘Theodor Fritsch – Riddle of the Jew’s Success’, the club also presents a biography of the life and writings of one of the most dynamic and charismatic personalities in Germany.

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