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Taken from Philipp Stauff’s Runenhauser:


On the Question of the Runes


 As for the viewpoint that the Runes were developed from the Latin alphabet, we are certainly happy that is not true, but it is true that quite a few Rune characters have only letter-value and did not appear until later (only in the first Christian decades). This will be precisely distinguished. It is known that Runes were thrown in ancient times at consecrated events to read and explore fate; it is quite natural that the signs were not of letter value, since without an actual meaning in the sign it would have been pointless. Therefore, entirely omitted in advance are all the characters that represent only letters, which by themselves came from a later period of development and belong to or are taken over by other languages. But if a list of Runes (the Heil Runes), in which, let’s say the signs of w, p, c, ch, d and so on are still presented in their primal Ur Runic meaning, then it is to reason that they still behave and work in the same manner as they were once taught and worked. The old Germandom does not know the c, the p only after the first sound shift, so in a very historical time, d is the same as th (Thor-thorn), w is u before another vowel and what one can still easily hear even today from the Low German and the English: uater, uir, uenden, uind etc., the ch is created from two hh, when one is at the end and the other the initial sound of two related syllables (ah-ha, ache; Rah-ha, revenge); the ck likewise from g twice; the fact that one can consider even j as an old Rune is ridiculous when it is simply i immediately before another vowel (jot, Jul, Jubel, Juchzer, Jodler, Jade).

                  The fact that such Runes had no beneficial importance towards

Salvation and were therefore not used as symbol characters, is self-evident. Contrary to this, the simplest minds say that the old Runes were, first and foremost, the five vowels in the forms of ar, eh, is, os, ur. And furthermore, the Nordic Futhark, which is named after the beginning of the row, is instructive to the fact. One critic has even reproached me that one could not seek for the Nordic Runes in the special beams of German houses.  

 This is to say: the Runes are of such little significance that they are only to be found in the far North, never mind the whole God’s legend around the Asen residing in the Taunus and Siebengebirge (Seven Hill) mountains, thus on German soil, and only with the withdrawing

Armanen (they went North because of the murdering “Charles the

Great”) were brought first to Norway, and as the last refuge continued to Iceland. Where the last of the Skalds, such as Snorri Sturlason, could see that the oral tradition was coming to an end and wrote them down, thanks to those circumstances we now have the Eddas, which are largely our own home goods.

 That the Edda holds an explanation of the 17 most original Runes, no one had seen, even though the Havamal has now become known in a whole number of translations. It took the mighty inner vision of Guido v. List for this recognition, and then only after the assistance of a temporary external blindness. Thus he offered us the gift in his Secret of the Runes. Sure, what he reads out from the individual Runes and their names, as he interprets the words of Wotan, is not academically proven, but now he has offered from the underground what he still could not give at the time of his interpretation of the Runes. In the immense “Ursprache der ArioGermanen” he unlocks the whole system right before us, and now we have the immediate meaning of the first sounds, which reveal the names of the old Runes, as they are in the ancestral-tradition, collected by List and as the basis for everything in the progression of the law of becoming.  

 I therefore now supplement the Rune explanations of his first book, which were presented in the first edition of this work by the interpretation of the Runic words from the Ursprache in comparison. Wuotan’s Rune Song [Runatals thaddr Odhins im Havamal] is utilized from the transmission of Hans v. Wolzogen. The song begins:


I know, how I hung on the windcold Tree

Nine eternal nights,

Wounded on the spear of Wuotan,

I myself consecrated to myself,

On that tree which hides from everyone,from where its roots grow.

They offered me neither bread nor Mead,

Where there I bent peering down;with a nostalgic cry Runes were known to me,

till that I sank from the Tree.


 Already these words of introduction reveal the deep-mystic origins of the Heil Runes; they are the consolation of the dying God, something that takes away death, a revelation in the self-sacrifice of the God who realizes in it his everlasting being, his recurrence, and well aware of the timeless matter. Thus it can be only a high knowledge of Salvation that is recovered with the Runes, strongly acted out apprenticeships of the allknowing ones. Particularly to emphasize this and to give testimony for the accuracy of his own play, the Skald speaks:

Before the growth of the world was Wuotans wisdom, from where he came, so he returns; now I know the songs better than any man, and like no Royal wife.


     So now the Runes themselves in the order of the row:



The first promises to help in any discord, misery or need.

(Secret of the Runes)

The Rune and the root word fa brings the Skaldic consolation of the endurance of the Ich throughout the eternal change. It heeds – “Create your luck”.  It is fire procreation, inner awareness of one’s Immortality and Divinity, generating in a Spirit sense.

(Ur Language)

From the Urfyr, the Divine Ur Being in all its power and force heralding the Divine work.

Make. Procreation. Urfyr.


I learned another which people that long to become healers use.

(Secret of the Runes)

The origin of all phenomena is the Ur. Who knows the cause of an event, can also find the means to banish evil or to promote good. Know yourself, then you realize everything! The Ur itself is the hidden God in the pure Spirit state; the words Urfyr, Urlicht (primordial), Urstier (abiogenesis) follow from it; also the clock (Uhr), which is not Latin.

(Ur Language)

The accomplishment of the will of the Spirit of God which came from the Ur sky (air, wind, breath) in appearance. The Ur of the cosmos and the Ur greatness of Earth. Urda, the first of the three primordial waters – Giant daughters, the first Norn. Surtur [s ur t’-ur], from Ur to Ur. Ur is also: great, strong, powerful, old.


I know a third, this comes to me too well as a chain for my enemies;       it dulls the sword of the opponent, no weapon shall help him.

(Secret of the Runes)

The Thor or Donar Rune which implies the action or work of this God. 

[Tor] Gate (lock)

[Dorn] thorn [Tarn] concealed 

are also the descended from this Runic word.

The means of the verse are the thorn (Sleeping Beauty), which works as a death thorn (Wuotan puts the Valkyrie to sleep with it) and as the life Thorn (procreation), defeated death through rebirth. 

“Protect your Ich”, warns the Rune.

(Ur Language)

Tho, do: Ur – Ather – Revelation to do. Thor, dor is the revealer, propagating right doing, the input and output in a figurative sense, the gate (goal). (Goldentor [golden gate] and Pechtor [ill-fated gate] in the fairy tale.) Brazen level: death thorn; Gate of the foolish, Torkel as the dumb.

os, as, ask

A fourth I know if one throws my arms and legs in the fetters: as soon as I get to singing it the bonds fall from my hands and feet.

(Secret of the Runes)

The ‘song’ is the means for the liberation of the prisoner, of course, a more conceptual meaning is to be understood (Bertrand de Born): the power of speech. The Spiritual power achieves it over the material, this is why it is os, as the Ase, the Divine Spiritual. The Rune teaches: your Spiritual power makes you free.

(Ur Language)

as: It is the creative order of the Sky Fire on the Spiritual level. az: Likewise, on the material level. as: the Ase, the Asen, the sky fires, thus the Gods of Light of the Aryo-Germanic peoples. 3rd step: Decay.

rit, rod

A fifth I learned; if of happy flight an aimed threat flies upon on the crowd: no matter its force – I can make it stop, I seize it with only a look. (Secret of the Runes)

The Rita, the God born Sun right, living and working in the consciousness of the Germanic people, gives such security. He who knows his inborn rights of God within him, holds in his sight the spell directed towards him: the Right (Law) awareness living in the Aryan people is inviolable, therefore, defiance over death.

(Ur Language)

ri: The will of the Spirit of God, the Ich being heralding itself in the Ur air (sky); (riesig) huge, large, rich, powerful, Righteous. rit-rita law. Ararita: the law of the storm God in cause, will, skill and action. RitaerLawman, Knight (Ritter), direction (richtung), judge (Richter). Reid: the clearing in place names.

ka, kun, kaun

A sixth is mine; if one should try to harm me with the strange tree root: it injures me not – consumes the man with the ruin that he threatened with.

(Secret of the Runes)

The blood proclamation of the old is revealed in this Rune. Stay away from tribes with foreign trees other than Yggdrasil. One may not mix thy own race with strangers or suffering will follow and yet, it is the foreign intruder who is the most injured party; in the end, his mixed breed race will be his fiercest enemy. Teaching: “Your Blood, your highest good!” Thus, the root word means the offspring of pure blood. Kun signifies even today in many areas the son, however kunna (also gunna, gunda) is the girl. The “Poor Konrad” = Arman Kuonrat, the Armanen Blood Council.

(Ur Language)

ka: the skillfulness of the Divine Ur Being from the primordial Earth is revealing itself. The Almighty, all capable, all giving shaper. The capacity, the enclosing. kan: the skill. kal: All capable, All knowing. kala: the knowledgeable tradition. The confidential apprenticeship. kar: enclosed (Karren, Karte, Karst, Karzer). ko: is opening, to give, ready to bear. ku: the Ur earth capability – perfection. The Urkuh, primeval cow (androgin). The Kunna, Gunda: Bearer.


I know a seventh, when the fire surrounds the dwelling of the Folk:       no matter how high it burns, I bring it to rest with a taming magic song.

(Secret of the Runes)

This is the fire magic: Evil is held, tamed (discussed). The Hag inside, the management of within, accomplishes the miracle. The all in itself, Sun Fire carried within: this strong consciousness of oneness with God gives power over adversity. Tame the all within you, and you control all.

(Ur Language)

ag, ak ach, Hak, hag: again, the skills of the Divinity of the primordial Earth are heralding. ak: the skills, craft, the can in itself is enclosed (agez). hag: the containment. ak-ar: the field, space. ahha, ach: the emergence or coming (water). Hagidise, Hagestalt, haken, hacken, hegen (to look after).

not, norn

An eighth is suited to me, certainly most needed to use:       where and when strife arises amongst heroes, I know how to settle it fast.

(Secret of the Runes)

“The Need Rune blooms on the nail of the Norn”. Not Need in the ordinary sense of today, but the compulsion of fate. The Norns determine the fate by primordial laws with a bold effect resulting from causes. Anyone who knows these laws, knows the consequences of his and any others actions; therefore, he can settle the dispute in himself and amongst any other people. The Rune says: “Make the most of your destiny, do not work against it!” (Nuremberg = mountain of Norn worship, hence Weberstadt and “Schoner Brunnen”. [beautiful Gothic spire fountain from 1,400])

(Ur Language)

no: Ur water, compulsion, revelation. Ur dark, primal water, Ur secret – mystery. (Noa). Norn: (orn: offspring) Ur water offspring, the three Norns, the Ur giant daughters. not: emerging out of the Ur dark and revealed as a force of destiny. Nord: (Niord) the Germanic Ur water God in Noatun, the ship empire. Nord: the direction (North). 3rd step: Nun: the non-generated (also the injurious forest butterfly).


A Ninth I understand if need arises for me to protect my ship on the sea:

I quiet the storm of the rising sea and appease the surge of waves.

(Secret of the Runes)

So there is a magic art to make something freeze or standstill (Hunter’s belief). Who has power over himself, has it also over the reluctant spiritual and physical world. Thus, the Rune is a symbol of outstanding inner power, the endurance of the Personality of the Ich, the Being.

(Ur Language)

is: the ordering of the Ich of Heaven’s fire (sky fire) on the spiritual level. iz: likewise, on the material level. is (ice) is the confining, Isis: the freed Ich of Heaven’s fire, the Isar, Ich (I). uis: knowledge; uitz: joke. uisala: the weasel, the charmed animal. Eternal awareness of the Ich.


I use a tenth if by the air the hauntings ride through:                                

if I start that magic, they go confused in form and effort.

(Secret of the Runes)

The Ar (the Urfyr, the Sun God) gives influences about clarity and certainty as the Sun with its light splits the fog and wrestles it low. Sign of the “Ars”, the Aryans (sons of the Sun) founded their right, the Aryan Ur Law, the symbol of which is also the Aar (Eagle), and of those who know the Law, the “Armanen”. Also by the ‘Castle fire’ (corpse fire) of a noble, they let the Eagle soar to indicate that the deceased is preparing to rejuvenate in death to rebirth, and so all dark forces (death) are powerless and collapse before the ‘Ar’, the Urfyr, the Sun God.

(Ur Language)

ar: the Divine Ur Being through his will to power shows himself in the Ur-air (sky). ar: Air, storm. artha: Earth. Ar-beit: strong-willed activity. ark: air circle, the sky arch, arctic. ar-ze: healing will; ar-zat: perpetrators of healing, healer, doctor. Art (genus), Arm, Ares: storm and wind God, God of war. uar: war, true (wahr), truth. uart: waiting, hard. har-pa (harp), Harald (Herald) Harke (the creative tools and field Goddess); Arche (the saving ship); Harz, Haardt (sacred forest areas) Arion: friendly sea breeze (wind). 3rd stage: poverty.

sigi, sal, sol

I have an eleventh in the fight, when I escort the favorite:                        

I sing it in the shield and he wins in the battle, attracting the Heil there and safely home again, remains in the Heil everywhere.

(Secret of the Runes)

The Sun’s Victory Rune! Sal and Sig (salvation and victory) was the greeting and battle cry of our ancestors for thousands of years. It is the Creator’s Spirit who wins; to this the acclamation was extended in “Alaf sal fena!” (Heil to he who is conscious of the Sun’s salvation!) Rune lore: “The creative spirit must win!”

(Ur Language)

si: the essence of the Ich Spirit of God (also: Soul) from the celestial fire of the Sun it heralds the more spiritual level (in zi form on more material). sigi: the order of the sky fire as the Ich giving life source, giving decisive victory. Seven, Sieve, Sibia (Donar’s wife).


I have a twelfth: If one hangs there strangled on the tree above,                I scratch that Rune and he will come down to talk with me.

(Secret of the Runes)

The rising again after his self-sacrifice on the tree Yggdrasil, Wuotan (Hangatyr) appears as Tyr, the sword God of war. The Rune which is consecrated to him (sword blessing from the Edda: Scratch twice the Rune and say twice ti), teaches again about falling death. Thus: Death cannot kill; so why should you fear him? Tir-ol = Tyr’s Spirit; Tyr-us (os) of the Tyr-Ase.

(Ur Language)

ti: the Ich Spirit of God taking form, the swirling and fighting celestial fire, as a God of war, with the sword of the sunbeam and arrows of lightning. tiu-Ziu: the Ur God of War as a finisher. Taurus (sa-tyr): solar procreation. tid: the Gott-Ich (Ur God) arranging as the Sky Fire, the alternating changes: the time. Zeus. Animal.


I call a thirteenth: I wet the son of a noble in the first bath, so he cannot fall, when he comes to battle; no sword will strike him to the ground.

(Secret of the Runes)

To the spiritual life in the all, the everlasting life, this Rune shows the day in the life of a man, which goes from bar as in birth, to bar (Bard, song) to the bar (bier), and who is blessed and protected by the “water of life” in the baptism. This life is exposed to constant danger of all kinds; against the spirits of nightmares, the pitfalls of the life (chances) that disturb and restrain the clear will and so on – shielded by the waters of

Baptism. Only the “living water” has this power. The Rune says: “Your life is in God’s hands, trust Him within you”. Also, it doesn’t end at the grave, it is no more than a change of clothes.

(Ur Language)

ba: Divine-earthly council, the right founding with force, power, skill, will and action on the material things of earth. ba: earthly council. baach: stream. Bar: bearing witness on earth by the virtue and will power of the Ur air (wind, breath): 1. Witness of the Earth and Air Deities; 2. The Earth life; 3. Man lives and bears witness; 4. Activity of mankind; 5. The song as ‘Heil’ and consecration. Earthly witnesses to the allpowerful fire, Sun God; Baldur: the Sun-God certain to have an early death.


I sing a fourteenth to the gathered Folk while calling the divine names;  of the Asen and Elvin kind I know them all better than anyone.

(Secret of the Runes)

The internal recognition of the interwoven Law of the Supreme Being, of ‘life’ to any extent, is the fundamental doctrine of salvation. For the sake of the Folk, the Knowing ones have dressed up the Laws of the All into myths and legends, and named Gods, good and evil, Asen, and Elvin. Who knows and recognizes the All, can make his life accordingly. So only learn to understand, then you will be able to steer your life away from the reefs and cliffs.

(Ur Language)

la: The nature of God as life fire, life air, life earth, life ether and life water (al vice versa). laf: Life. Labe: Strengthening. Lage: orderly existence. State of affairs (Sachlage), store (Lager), load (Lade), loading (Laden). lau: consummate life beginning. Lauf: the events in the direction of. Land: Life water origin; the sea has born the earth.


A fifteenth I count, what the dwarf sang in front of the gates of day, the

Æsir to strengthen, the Elvin for might, and for myself to clear the mind.

(Secret of the Runes)

The strengthening of which is discussed here is based on the propagation; their Holy Sign is the Ma Rune, and especially in regards to the female procreation. Therefore mater. Also man, (mädchen) girl, maid, mom, mother, (ver-mäh-lung) marriage, (gemahlin) wife, are based on the runic concept, also man-ask, the Man. Furthermore: the Moon. The fifteenth Rune surrounds the sanctuary of the becoming man and so urges to respect and comply with it. It speaks: be a Man!

(Ur Language)

ma: the Divine Ur Being in his creativity heralds itself in the moon. Power (macht), magic, the creator’s power in the tenth step of completion, the tenth and final consonant Rune. Therefore, this is a sacred character. Hari-man: the sublime Moon (Ahrimann of the Persians), Mannus: mythical Germanic Tribe father. Manu, Manusch, Manes, Minos, Mal, Mass, Masse.


A sixteenth I speak with the fickle maiden, attains to me favour and luck; and turns to me the sense and wishes of the swan-armed beauty.

(Secret of the Runes)

Ir, eur, iris, bows, rainbows, yew bows, error, anger etc. the Rune is the upside down Man Rune and because it is also called the bow, it introduces the waxing and waning moon, unlike the full moon of the Man Rune. It refers to the lunar change and also on the lunar changeability of the female mind. The Yr Rune creates confusion by exciting the passions and working falsely; unlike the os Rune, it wants to conquer the enemy by wrong means, which is usually avenged on the user themselves. It teaches: Think of the end in all that you do.

 Irmin,   Arman

(Ur Language)

ir: the will of the God Ich Spirit of the Ur air (breath) revealing itself (the Soul). Storm Ich. Ir-mon: New Moon. Ir-pa: Producing a storm: Storm demoness, giantess. Irmon is Wuotan; his four deer, which graze Yggdrasil, are the four phases of the Moon. Irminsul: Roland’s column. Irminsweg: Germanic word for Milky Way in the sky. Hirmen was also Christianized as St. Hiermon or St. Hyrmon. Ir (Yr), the fruit Goddess of the full Moon, also Christianized as St. Mary-Yr. Irmon is the second one in the Trinity of Ingo, Irmin, Isto and the second son of Mannus, the second grandson of Tuiskos, and the patron of the Irmionen (Armanen).

e, eh

A seventeenth helps me with the lovely maiden                                    that never will she easily leave me.

(Secret of the Runes)

Marriage, law, horse, court etc. the seventeenth or Eh Rune is the counterpart of the sixteenth that warns about frivolous romance and any other that lacks of objectivity; the eh is the lasting love in marriage, the lawful bond of man and woman. Marriage is the foundation of the Folk; therefore, e is also the old part of the Law. According to an ancient formula of Law, marriage is the “Rau Root” i.e. Law root of Aryandom. A later form binds two laf Runes that counter constantly, as the marriage binds two people and serves only in the real marriage, it does not carry the same meaning as the other ‘Law’.


(Ur Language)

e (vowel) is “the law by which the force works” (comparatively between strength and action, as a power or magic), as “the ordering in which the Power becomes a lawful work”. This sound is the effect of three developing phases in the three-unit and is also connected to the Tetrad, that always three acts in four by the two main forces of nature, the Law and Order. E is only connected with the breath sound H as a co-sound.

ge, gibor

The Eighteenth I shall not ever tell to a girl or woman and it forms        the best conclusion of the songs, which only one knows,                   except for the woman who embraces me as a wife or is a sister to me.

(Secret of the Runes)

ge, gi, gifa, gibor, gift (Gabe), giver (Geber), God, gea, geo, Earth, gigur, death. Gibor Altar, God the All Creator! The original word gi, ge, the arising (to give), in the gift of Being, the third stage involves the going, leaving, passing away. As gifa, gefa, gea, geo: gifts-bringing earth. As Gigur (gi-ge-ur: the gift goes back to the Ur) a frost giant is named. Gigas (gi-ge-as: the gift producing), the violin, the skaldic revival magic, Gereon and Geretrud suggest rebirth; likewise, the foremost Gereon is formed of three side views of faces. It is embodied in the All God as All World or God Spirit of Man. The Rune comes from the Fyrfos, the Hakenkreuz (Swastika), and says Man – be one with God!


(Ur Language)

Guido List had stressed that we have to assume that in the original language only the sixteen Ur Runes were kept for us, “the preserved Futhark”; looking at it in this way would mean that the eh Rune is the last. Meanwhile, some other Runic signs not contained in the above Futhark regularly emerge and with power. Thus, the odil Rune which points directly to Wuotan (Ur Spirit within) and the head of it as the sign ing (the Rhomb), the sign of permanence, duration, perseverance, settled life, both will play a large role in this book.

Odil                   Ing              

 Now one more preliminary remark before we move on to the Rune bearing houses. In the first edition I had made many Listian interpretations, but always leaving it open to whether it was correct or not, and to some extent based them upon intuition, for it stands in such a way that it is very difficult and rare to provide an immediate proof of accuracy for a gable reading. However, I base my work on the fact that often in other areas where the evidence is more easily given, e.g., on the nature of the Coat of Arms, the application of Listian interpretations has absolutely proven itself. I myself have repeatedly been successful in finding supportive direct evidence. There was a Rhenish noble family who desired that the riddle of their Coat of Arms be solved because they were quite puzzled by the result of their ancient Clan saying. Thus, I had a Runic inscription from a Rhenish gravestone, which was in a photograph, and recognized that it was wrongly recumbent, which changed everything. Clan relationships that had been lost were made anew and arose from it (they did not know). List himself had helped in many such cases; he once showed a Baron’s family through the Coat of Arms, where the information was that they needed for the proper certification. A magnificent window of the St. Lawrence Church in Nuremberg could be determined on the basis of an attached Kreibenzahl (cryptic sigil that could be used to determine its origin) that List had also solved, it had been donated by Wilibald Pirkheimer. Every friend of the Listian findings will have had such experiences but an overall collected effort has not been issued since the individuals hardly know one another and as of yet no processing hand has been found. It is also the same with other things. Wherever it is genuine and one sets the key of the late Viennese Master to task, the door springs open.

 So, with all due respect, I am confident – assuming that my use of the List key is correct, which does not always need to be the case – that when the sealed chambers have been properly opened, one may then trust what appears inside.







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2019 new release. “Lanz von Liebenfels ~ Ostara and the New Templars”

For the first time the life and works of Josef Lanz have been translated into the English language. (Including 4 full translations of “Ostara”.)  Email us if you want to get your copy.


The Rita of the Ario-Germanen (Guido v. List) [GermanenOrden Volume 2]

THE RITA OF THE ARIO-GERMANEN is a journey into the Germanic past of the ancient Teutonic Thing and the Holy Vehm. We find in it’s pages that the Rita is the cosmic law(s) of God(s) and yet it is still more than that and just as alive today as it has been since the very beginning. In this masterpiece by Guido von List, the reader is shown the Rita in their soul. With chapters named after the Norns, List explores the primal beginnings of Cosmic Law and shows how the Aryan people have always been the bearers of Law. A folk so noble and just that they had even held court on the Gods. The Gods of course were the first to hold court at Urd's well, which is the origin of the Ario-Germanic Thinge. There are also three remarkable chapters by 'Guido von List Society' members (Philipp Stauff included).



Resurrection of the Hero (Miguel Serrano)

The Resurrection of the Hero by Miguel Serrano is the newest English translation made available of his works by the 55 Club. This book, probably more than any of his others, delves deeply into the origins of ‘religion’ and it’s true meaning. Serrano takes the reader through religion’s inner, esoteric, alchemical and astrological meanings. Beginning with the most ancient Mithraism to Zarathustra, Kristianism and beyond (the Age of Aquarius, the Age of the Ultimate Avatar); you will come to see that all dying and resurrected Gods are zodiacal weapons for the Heroes to fight with. The new Futhark has been revealed, the reader will enter the world of the Archetype, the Avatar, and perhaps even find an exit, a window, a strategic departure from the Eternal Return. This edition also includes photos that have been translated into English from the original Spanish work. The Resurrection of the Hero will quickly become a ‘must have’ for the esoteric National Socialist.



The Yearly Celebrations and Life in the SS Family (Fritz Weitzel)

A new English edition of the monumental “The SS Family” by SS Obergruppenführer Fritz Weitzel. For the first time are included the songs and poems from the German original. Weitzel laid the spiritual foundation for the SS home in this publication from 1939. He was commissioned to do so By Heinrich Himmler, himself. Weitzel takes the reader on a journey throughout the calendar year, and adds plenty of extras, such as wedding and burial rites. The book is particularly important to the mother of the family. One of the most highly prized books of the Aryan home.



Runenhäuser (Philipp Stauff) [GermanenOrden Volume 3]

In 1913, there was one quite original work that demanded the attention of the knowing in Germania. Working from the basis of the thoughts and revelations of Guido von List, Runenhäuser would take a giant step into the “practical” application of Runes. While, there had always been knowledge of the Runic implications in the half-timbered framework, no one had ever came close to the assertions that Philipp Stauff would present. Runenhäuser quickly became a standard; Guido von List, himself, plays a part in the book, Gorsleben and Bülow (The Edda Society) both spoke highly of it, his friend and an associate of Colonel Wiligut, Günther Kirchhoff, was another advocate and so on. Later, at Wewelsburg Castle, the SS would use Runenhäuser as a reference for the construction of Rune houses and it was also the key component that set the future SS Ahnenerbe Runic scholar, Karl Theodor Weigel, upon his path.



Theodor Fritsch: The Riddle of the Jew’s Success (Fritsch) [GermanenOrden Volume 1]

Theodor Fritsch was, by far, one of the most influential men in the history of Germany’s Third Reich. Fritsch, an initiate and founding member of the GermanenOrden, would lay the groundwork for the future ‘Savior of Germany’. Nearly forgotten is his masterpiece, ‘The Riddle of the Jew’s Success’, which is, one of the most comprehensive studies ever written pertaining to the Jewish question. Fritsch, speaking as a Christian, articulates the effects of Jewish influence so well that Allied soldiers were ordered to destroy all copies after the war. In ‘Theodor Fritsch – Riddle of the Jew’s Success’, the authors not only present ‘The Riddle of the Jew’s Success’, but also introduce the reader to the life and writings of one of the most dynamic and charismatic personalities in all of Germany.




SERRANO: The Early Years is A Prelude to NOS, Book of the Resurrection. In it’s pages are 3 separate works by Miguel Serrano – THE ULTIMATE FLOWER (or non-existent) released in 1969. EL/ELLA; THE BOOK OF MAGICAL AMOR released in 1972. And the newly translated NIETZSCHE AND THE ETERNAL RETURN released in 1974. Each of these books are essential to understanding Miguel Serrano’s Esoteric Hitlerism. Written in code, they are the precursor to NOS and the TRILOGY of Esoteric Hitlerism containing a vast amount of background information to many of Serrano’s recurrent themes. We meet Jason, the master, wet road, White Gods, eternal return and much more. SERRANO: the early years will complete the student of Esoteric Hitlerism.



The Great Yearning: An Armanen Ritual

"There is Virtue in this troubled world and ‘Someone’ must have created it, must have inspired it and that ‘Someone’, that God of Honor, is whom we choose to serve." Opening chapters are the informative personal quest of an Armanen, which is followed by suggested rituals throughout the year - both solar and lunar. Extras include the 9 nights of Wotan ritual, a 'Calendar of Solemnity', which contains heroes and quotes for every day of the year, and so much more. This is a controversial work that regardless if one loves or hates it, the reader will certainly take something from it.



The Final Battalion

There have been many books written about the subject of National Socialist Germany and their advanced technologies concerning flying discs or perhaps better known as U.F.O.’s. Today, there is also quite a fuss about the ancient giants, ‘Nephilim’, etc. What most of these books do not reveal is that they quite are related. Truth be known, both of these subject matters are irreversibly connected, for they are both part of a hidden history that those who are in power would prefer for you and I to know nothing about because the real story offers hope and choices. Therefore, the enemy makes every effort to conceal these overwhelming truths. Our hope is that in this little work that covers some 20,000 years we may shed a little light on the dark dilemma that most of us intuitively feel as long back as we can remember. Many succumb and just plain give up because it seems so much easier, but then there are those who do not. The great souls that please God are those who never give up even though they believe that there is no chance of winning. They continue to struggle only because they feel it the right thing to do and it is to them that the hope written of in this work is given. So, the question is what are we going to do about it? Is one content with being a blind slave looking for the next distraction or an awakening Hero of God? Only our actions in time will tell.



A True and Concise History of the Ku Klux Klan

There are few organizations that have been more misrepresented than the Ku Klux Klan. This book is the history of the Ku Klux Klan told by the Ku Klux Klan. Excellent and forgotten books, articles, interviews, manuals and rituals have been compiled and tell a tale that is in total contrast to that which is thought today. In its pages we learn of the Jewish agent, John Wilkes Booth. We read of the Gunfighters, Quantrill’s Guerrillas, and groups like the Knights of the Golden Circle, a Christmas Eve in Pulaski, Tennessee and the Confederate officers who, inspired by the Holy Vehm, triumphed over the reconstruction. Phase two of the early 1900’s began with the sensational story of "The Klansman" ("Birth of a Nation") and the anti-semitic Knights of Mary Phagan, which saw the growth of the “fraternal” Klan that was more than ten million strong and even had Presidents as members. It is shown how during WWII the Klan was among the last to still openly oppose Jewish interests and what it cost them. The Klansmen who rose against the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s would pay an even heavier price. The Spirit of the Knight Rider came full circle when He rode with the Bruders Schweigen in the 1980’s. There is an invisible spirit passed on like an invisible torch. A long line of Heroes marching under the same banner. It is Spiritual. In this one of a kind book, the reader will experience the truer and deeper significance of the heroism and transformations that have taken place throughout the history of the Ku Klux Klan. A true and concise history of the Ku Klux Klan.



The Unbroken Warrior, Richard Scutari

The Unbroken Warrior, Richard Scutari - retells the glorious story of The Order (Bruders Schweigen) and one of its finest members, Richard Scutari. In its pages, we hear from more than 20 different contributors who have something to say about Richard Scutari and The Order - contributors such as Tom Metzger and Ron McVan. This book contains the writings of Richard Scutari, along with new material that has not yet been seen. Overall, this is a book dedicated to the noble life and actions of Richard Scutari who remains incarcerated because he remains "Unbroken". A must read for the Wotanist Warrior.



Hitler’s UFO against the New World Order (Miguel Serrano)

This new English translation of Miguel Serrano is quite relevant for the world today. It is true that he spends the majority of time discussing the National Socialist origins of the UFO, but as strange as it may sound, this work is surprisingly very straight-forward and practical. His insights into such things as the struggle between Nationalism (traditions of character and uniqueness) and Globalism (faceless slaves of the New World Order), CIA drug trafficking and their instigation of the heroin epidemic, the “invented enemy” called terrorism and much more – are all prophetic of the present times which we are living in. One could think that he wrote this book last night, rather than over 25 years ago. Perhaps, that is exactly what he was looking to accomplish. How can those concrete foresights not lend credibility to that which he speaks of the UFO? “It is down-right uncanny how Serrano can be so practical and make one prediction after another that have come to pass in a book about “UFOs”. Then again, we are speaking of Miguel Serrano, from whom we have come to expect such things.”



Nos, Book of the Resurrection (Miguel Serrano)

Nos, Book of the Resurrection is the magical masterpiece by Miguel Serrano. It is his personal journey of Initiation which shapes epiphanies into words. In this book Serrano speaks of those things which no one speaks of. It is the story of Wotan, the story of Apollo, the story of Lucifer. NOS is the song of the Minnesinger, the Troubadour, and the Cathar. The quest for the Holy Graal has never been made so clear. Don Serrano relates to us a Lost Love, an Eternal Love that is the answer to the riddle of the Eternal Return. NOS was written for the one who as of yet has not been satisfied with the answers that have been given. Hyperborea/Thule is revealed. Atlantis is found. The Beloved Valkyrie, along with the White Gods are re-discovered.



The Complete Armanen

The Complete Armanen is the history the Aryan Runic Tradition. The God of the Indo-European peoples comes alive in its pages. A must read for every student of the Runes and anyone who seeks answers in a growing world of chaos. Written and compiled by Armanists, it is the first time the true heroic spirit of the great Masters has been printed in English. Chapter 1 - The Havamal Chapter 2 - Guido Von List Chapter 3 - S.A. Kummer Chapter 4 - The Edda Society Chapter 5 - K.M. Wiligut Chapter 6 - The S.S. Chapter 7 - Miguel Serrano Chapter 8 - The Round Table Chapter 9 - Conclusion. In this book the vision of the Armanen lives on.